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Self Improvement - Recommended Places For Reading

Today in Singapore, even public libraries have cafes for the commuter to stick around and read their books. However there are people whom prefer to purchase each and every book they read just for collection as what I have gathered because definitely they will find the desire to read the book again in the near future. However you can also find locations that allow bookworms to gather and read in a quiet environment, which are also located near major bookstores also.

1. Coffe Club (Beside Kinokuniya @ Takashimaya)

Hidden among the rows and rows of bookshelfs, this coffe club outlet is one of my favorite places to spend a quiet day reading away or chilling out with a friend.

The quiet somber ambience just makes you want to order a cup of tea and while your time away reading a new book that you just bought. The space at this joint is actually pretty limited and to compound the problem, they closed off the outdoor section so you cant grab a quick smoke while eating anymore. Well, that hasnt stopped people from going there.

#03-10/15, 391 Orchard Road, Kinokuniya Book Store, Ngee Ann City
Singapore 238872

Hotspot: Downtown Orchard
Building: Ngee Ann City

2. The Book Cafe

Great place to hang out with a good book in hand! Book cafe is exactly what it is, a cafe where you can read yourself to oblivion. Huge comfortable sofas, tonnes of books/mags for you to read and a nice quiet atmosphere to relax in. Internet connection and power points are available to make your laptop happy too.

This is the place to head to if you need a nice place to chat, read a book or finish some work.

#01-02, 20 Martin Road, Seng Kee Building
Singapore 239070

Hotspot: Robertson Quay
Building: Seng Kee Building

3. Wa Cafe & Books

This cafe is nestled in the midst of the newly renovated national museum.. this cafe has been featured and mentioned in quite a few magazines and come recommended by lifestyle editors as a hip and chill hangout place to meet for drinks therefore it is important to put this in mind to check out on one random occasion, just for a quick bite.

The cafe is tastefully decorated with big comfy plush sofas and white clean lines, is spacious, serene and quiet. The lack of patrons and activity could be attributed to the fact that we were there on a weekday and it was after museum hours (we were the only customers there!). But we had no complaints, the amount of noise we generate amongst ourselves is enough for me to bear, I'd hate to compete with a rowdy crowd to be heard.. Hence, the ambience here is perfect for a quiet afternoon alone, or with a friend or two, and a good solid read, a book you've always wanted to finish but never could find time for!

#01-04/5, 93 Stamford Road, National Museum
Singapore 178897

Hotspot: Midtown Orchard
Building: National Museum

Alternatively you can always email us at info@retiree.sg to inform us of wonderful places for a great read. Do include a brief description and address of the place and location that you are recommending together with your name and age.

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