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Retirement - Safest Cities to Live in (United States Listing)

  1. North Dakota

    Lowest crime rates you can find from this country.

  2. Vermont

    It's nice to know there are some places left in the world where folks don't have to live under lock and key.

  3. Maine

    Safest place to tour by car, lowest auto-theft rate.

  4. New Hampshire

    Ranked previously on 2nd and 3rd places respectively.

  5. Wyoming

    Wyoming is a great example of a state with low income and low economic growth that does not fall prey to major crime.

  6. South Dakota

    As one of the safest states to live in, however South Dakota still suffers from a shockingly high incident of rape.

  7. Montana

    Some credit Montana's low crime rate to the high level of gun ownership. Since most criminals are looking for easy targets, this may keep some in line.

  8. Iowa

    In addition to being one of the safest states to live in, Iowa has consistently ranked in the top six of Morgan Quinto's annual Most Livable States list.

  9. Wisconsin

    Consistently ranks well below the national crime average.

  10. West Virginia

    West Virginia is seeing an influx of commuters from the Washington D.C. metro region (including Northern Virginia and parts of Maryland) for its low crime rate and more affordable land and housing.

  11. Connecticut

    This is the state where many New Yorkers relocate when it's time to raise a family and embrace the hour-plus commute to the Big Apple.

  12. Idaho

    Idaho is a regular on most of the best places to live lists published from various media venues, thanks to its much touted city, Boise. How nice, that some things never change.

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