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Retirement - Nursing Homes

As we grow older, we tend to be more reliant on the people around us on issues such as welfare and healthcare. Therefore both issues and other related problems will consitute a major part of our retirement planning as well, because we will want to have a established health treament facility nearby just for emergency or a physician for consultantcy whom will take care of your needs. If you have an existing condition, you will want to be sure there is a health care facility and physician who can take care of your needs. If you are healthy, you might just need to have basic health care available with more advanced services within driving range.

Retirement and Staying Healthy Happy

Recently, there is a recent announcement from Ministry of Health (MOH) to avail government subsidy to suitably accredited private nursing homes as a means of increasing the availability and choice of nursing homes for families that are financially challenged. This move will increase the number of bursing homes that will become more affordable together with the Voluntary Welfare Organisations (VWO).

However, The Care Liaison Service (CLS) of the Ministry of Health, Singapore, is a centralised referral service that facilitates and co-ordinates placement of patients into long-stay institutions like nursing homes, hospices and chronic sick hospitals. These long-stay institutions are operated by voluntary welfare organisations (VWOs) with funding assistance by the Ministry. Most voluntary nursing homes in Singapore adopt the following criteria:

  1. applicants must be Singapore citizens or permanent residents;
  2. should be at least 60 years old;
  3. should not suffer from any infectious disease, and
  4. do not have close relatives who are able or willing to support them.
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