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4 Best Exercises for Older Adults

Improve Your strength, balance, elexibility and endurance

For older adults and seniors who want to stay healthy and independent, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) recommend four types of exercises:

  • Strength exercises build older adult muscles and increase your metabolism, which helps to keep your weight and blood sugar in check.
  • Balance exercises build leg muscles, and this helps to prevent falls. According to the NIH, U.S. hospitals have 300,000 admissions for broken hips each year, many of them seniors, and falling is often the cause of those fractures.

    If you are an older adult, balance exercises will help you avoid problems ar you get older.

    And if you are a senior, balance exercises can help you stay independent by helping you avoid the disabilities that could result from falling.
  • Stretching exercises can give you more freedom of movement, which will allow you to be more active during your senior years. Stretching exercises alone will not improve your endurance or strength.
  • Endurance exercises are any activity—walking, jogging, swimming, biking, even raking leaves—that increases your heart rate and breathing for an extended period of time. Build up your endurance gradually, starting with as little as 5 minutes of endurance activities at a time.

  1. Strength Exercises: Before You Start
  2. Arm Raises: strengthen your shoulder muscles
  3. Chair Stands: strengthen stomach and thigh muscles
  4. Bicep Curls: strengthen upper-arm muscles
  5. Tricep Extensions: strengthen muscles in the back of the arm
  6. Knee Flexion: strengthen muscles in the back of the thigh

  1. Balance Exercises: Before You Start
  2. Side Leg Raises: strengthen muscles at sides of hips and thighs
  3. Hip Flexion: strengthen thigh and hip muscles
  4. Hip Extension: strengthens buttock and lower-back muscles

  1. Stretching Exercises: Before You Start
  2. Tricep Stretches: lengthen muscles in the back of the upper arm
  3. Double Hip Rotation: stretch the outer muscles of hips and thighs

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